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Bridget Hammond

About Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches in
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Meet Bridget Hammond

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches in Lake Clarke Shores
3rd Dan

Who We Are

At Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches, we are dedicated to developing Martial Artists with strong character, confident minds, and kind hearts. The high level of quality and experience that our certified instructors have, as well as their continued education, helps to ensure that our students receive the highest level of instruction in a challenging, nurturing environment.

Martial Arts is incredibly life-enriching for people of all ages and abilities. Our kids classes provide our traditional martial arts background with life skills such as self-control, discipline, and respect. We provide children 3 years and older structured training that targets their age-specific needs to improve their focus, fitness and self-discipline. Watch your child gain tremendous confidence through self-defense in a positive, supportive atmosphere that has the perfect balance of challenge and ease and, most of all...FUN!

Our traditional TaeKwonDo Program for teens and adults combines "old-style" martial arts with modern day fitness and flexibility training, along with practical, realistic self-defense. These classes enhance your physical training by embedding personal development lessons that tie together our tenets of courtesy, self-control and perseverance to your mat training and everyday life.

Beginners Welcome! We have classes for everyone. You do not have to already be in shape or be an experienced athlete to take our classes. We have classes for ALL ages, sizes and fitness levels and will help you reach your goals -- one high kick, powerful punch and epic strike at a time. We will work with you at your individual level and pace so you bring the goals list and we'll handle the details. It's as easy as that.

Taekwondo is one of the best "whole body" workouts you can do. You'll develop speed, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance in our state-of-the-art facility that is professional, clean and safe.

As you learn new fitness and self-defense techniques, you will get in amazing shape! Because you're having so much fun doing that, smiling and high fiving all your new friends here, you'll completely lose track of time and won't even realize how much of a great workout you just got.

And how about those happy feelings you get after a great workout? Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches might just become your new "happy place."

Martial arts is an excellent way for you and your kids to connect with your body, mind, & spirit as you develop...

  • Laser like focus & a longer attention span
  • Physical fitness, strength and coordination
  • Soaring confidence and courage
  • A healthy respect for self & others
  • A "can do" attitude and determined spirit

With all those amazing benefits, you may think that martial arts training is expensive. Actually it's a LOW COST activity with PRICELESS benefits! We like to call it "affordable excellence."

We encourage your entire family to learn, play and have fun together and we offer a flexible schedule and generous discount to make that happen.

Compare martial arts to the cost of apps, devices and video games that tend to shut kids (and adults) down physically and mentally. You'll see that our classes are worth every penny because of the LIFELONG benefits they provide.

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Your child will learn how to be bully-proof and confident in other areas of their life too. They'll get better grades and apply themselves more at everything they do, which sets the stage for success now and always.

At Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches, your goals are our goals and we have passionate and dedicated instructors to meet your needs and push you to your limits. Actually, we will help you push past your limits - slow and steady - so that you can reach your full potential. Imagine what you can be, do and have once you see how much you can accomplish!

The friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging vibe here will make you smile, feel proud of all your accomplishments and happy that you made an EXCELLENT choice in improving your life.

Our projects, challenges and community service events build an awareness and new habits that help all our students and their families become better versions of themselves through the Martial Arts.

Come join the Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches family and see for yourself how motivated our students are to never give up striving for Black Belt Excellence, and see what an impact that attitude can make in your or your child's life! See you soon!

How To Get Started

Come join our Lake Clarke Shores, FL Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Birthday Parties and Women Self Defense. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at 561-523-0966 if you have any further questions. Positive Impact Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches hopes to speak with you soon!

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